Love to the Max!
Welcome to Love to the Max!


We are dedicated to helping young people live a life filled with love.

Love to the Max was created in memory of Max Schwolert, a high school senior from Lewisville, TX who died unexpectedly on December 29, 2012.

He was an avid golfer and someone who made a difference in the way he lived his life loving God and loving people.  Learn more about Max here.

Two Golf Tournament fundraisers coming soon!  One in Minnesota and one in Texas.

What does Love to the Max do?

  • We provide significant college scholarships to young people who have exemplified making a difference in the lives of their peers.
  • We lead groups that help students create a more caring and accepting environment in their schools.
  • Speak in schools and churches about living a life centered on love.

More information will be coming soon on the scholarships application process.

Please bear with us as we roll out this newly formed organization and make updates to the website.

T-Shirts and Sweatshirts Now Available!

Thanks for your interest in wearing the "Love to the Max" message!  All profits from shirt sales go to support the Love to the Max youth program.  More than 2,000 shirts have already been distributed.  We have now set up a system to help you get shirts for you or your group.  Thanks also for your patience as we ironed out the details.  We are going pretty low-tech here.  More shirts have been ordered and are available.  Shirt price is $15 ($17 for XXL and XXXL) and shipping is FREE for now. 

To order:
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